The Slow App Movement

• educates consumers about the risks of fast “factory farmed” media
• promotes quality design and production techniques
• promotes mono-tasking
• promotes “app education” – the inclusion of slow apps within education
• teaches app skills to all
• encourages selective conscious buying of apps
• encourages small-scale app production
• profiles apps that embrace the Slow App ethos
• encourages considered and resonant innovation
• through its innovative grading and labeling system, recognizes Slow App achievement

A Slow App should

• present a rich spectrum of experience
• treat their users with respect
• incorporate the highest standard of design and production
• demonstrate considered and resonant innovation
• respect the app’s source traditions
• in some way offers to provide balance to our state of constant hyperactivity
• offer the promotion of an expanded state awareness
• in some way, encourage its users to slow down

Moving Tales’ Classic World Stories Apps work as Slow Apps because they:

• preserve and promote traditional stories
• honour and encourages the art of storytelling
• promote an intimate and deep media experience
• encourage rereading
• encourage lingering on the story as a whole and the individual parts
• promote multiculturalism
• invite you to slow down, settle into the moment, experience its richness and beauty, and tune in to the subtle
• are dynamic, where you control the pace
• help refine speaking skills through the record facility